Thursday, July 18, 2013

Signs of a Great Keyword

Signs of a Great Keyword
One of the most important aspects of SEO is keywords. Keywords is the soul of SEO because it is what you want to be found for. So it’s obvious that if you have bad keywords, you will have bad SEO. Therefore, how do you choose the best keyword for your website? What you should be looking for is the Commercabiliy of the keyword. Commercabiliy probably isn’t a word you are familiar with, but it will soon become a word used to describe the best choice of a keyword in the SEO world.
The Commercabiliy of a keyword focuses on two main factors when doing a keyword research: Searches per Month, and CPC.
First let’s look at searches per month. When doing keyword research you will come across two different types of searches per month, local and global. Local just means in the United States. So if your business strictly works in the US you would look at the local monthly searches. Then there is the global monthly searches, which you would look at if your business services the entire world.
The second is the CPC, which is another extremely important part of Commercabiliy. CPC is an acronym for Cost Per Click, which is a dollar value that is put to a keyword.  The Return on Investment is what gives the keyword its value, be it large or small. Companies associated with that keyword bid on how much they think it’s worth and that’s what determines the CPC for a keyword. The larger the CPC for the keyword, the better the ROI of it will be, making it an important keyword to be optimized for.
So, why do you need to look at both of these factors when deciding what keyword will be the best for you? Let us say that you have a keyword that has 10,000 searches per month with a CPC of $2. Well, the search volume is great, but the value of the keyword is only $2, which means that the companies associated with the keyword do not see the value of it and therefore the ROI on the keyword will be very small. That keyword does not show good Commericability and will not be a good keyword to be optimized for because it will not have much or any ROI.
Now you look at a keyword that has about 5,000 searches per month, but it has a $20 CPC. This is a great example of a keyword with good commericiability. This means that the keyword is valued very high and is one that businesses want to be optimized for and it is important to have for your business. The searches per month might not be as high as the last example, but the ROI will in turn be higher. A keyword with these stats will be a good keyword to start your SEO for, because it has great Commericability.

In conclusion, Commericability is very important to your SEO needs, you will want to look at these factors along with others when choosing a keyword to be optimized for. If you want to know more information on Commericability go here. 

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