Thursday, August 29, 2013

GOOGLE+: An Champion of SEO

SEO’s have been speculating for sometime now about how Google+ affects a client’s search rankings. Though Google has emphatically denied any preferential treatment for Google+ in its search algorithm, new evidence has recently surfaced suggesting otherwise.

A recent correlation study conducted by Moz looked at common elements that numerous high-ranking sites share. Moz conducts a similar study every few months, but this time, they decided to focus specifically on Google +1’s and their connection to high search rankings.

What they discovered was that Google +1’s were correlated to raised search rankings more than any other online factor outside of a company’s Page Authority. 

These +1’s were shown to be even more influential than keyword usage for raising search rank.

Other studies on the power of Google+ have been conducted recently with similar results, but one thing is now clear: your company/business MUST have a well-developed Google+ page if you want to stay relevant in Google’s search rankings.

These Google+ pages are not only important for your search rank; now that Google is rolling out their Knowledge Carousel feature which utilizes visual search results (taken from companies’ G+ pages, of course) at the top of each search result page, a company must use G+ if they want their brand or logo to be visible.

A company that has no Google+ page (or a poorly maintained one) will show up on Google’s carousel as a bland and insignificant map thumbnail. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this would severely affect a company’s CTR (Click through rate) and hinder their site’s traffic.

It is important for businesses to maintain as much control over their search results as they possibly can, and without a G+ page, this becomes almost impossible to do.

So do yourself a favor: create a Google+ page today, fill out every section thoroughly, start connecting and networking, and post new and engaging content on a routine basis.

Doing this could be one of the most effective things you ever do for your company’s online presence.

Not doing so could permanently strand you on the outskirts of Google search.

The choice is up to you.

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