Thursday, August 8, 2013

Your Mobile Website is Making you Lose Customers

Why is it important to have a good mobile site?
With everyone starting to use their mobile phones to look up simple things on the internet, why is it important to have a mobile website that is easy to friendly to the user?

Here’s a scenario that many of you have probably experienced before. You want to look up a local burrito place so you do a quick Google search on your iPhone. You get a nice list of burrito restaurants in the area. You finger down the organic list and come across a burrito place that sounds appealing. So you tap on the blue link and you get the most inconvenient thing you have ever come across.

First off the font is too big to fit on one page, and then you notice you can’t zoom out and the giant font is just the default page. You try to ignore this and click on the menu button to find prices, every time you tap the menu it brings you back to the home page. This website was taking you into an infinite loop of homepages and you decide not to go to that place and move on.

You navigate yourself back to the Google Search page and shake off the last terrible webpage you were just on. As your stomach starts to growl you hopefully tap on another burrito restaurants website. You are instantly surprised.

The page is the nicest thing you have ever seen. It is beautifully designed and easy to navigate through. The menu is a nice image that you can tap on and view the whole menu and are able to zoom in for prices, the phone number is ready to be clicked on to make a phone call and the address is ready to be entered into your navigation.

Now, if you were a hungry consumer, what burrito place would you go to? I like to think that most of us would go to the second burrito place that has an easy website to access and get to.

Also, think of your businesses mobile website? Is it optimized for a smart phone to get on? If it isn’t, today would be a good day to think about making your website able to be accessed easily from a smartphone. 

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