Friday, June 7, 2013

Good Backlink Building

Backlinks are other webpages linking (or pointing) to your website, good backlinking can provide higher keyword ranking, which results into more website traffic. Backlinking is a key for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Getting backlinks use to be easy, you could just pay a company (that could be relevant or not to your website) to start sharing links back to you. Generating thousands of backlinks with just the slid of a credit card. But those techniques are now outlawed and outdated. Now, to generate backlinks you have to target the right websites, and write the best content. 

Some of the best backlinks to target are:

Links for sites with high page rank
This will increase your websites credibility.  Since their website has a high page rank, it will give yours more authority. Websites with high authority linking to you will give your website better authority. 

Being linked in websites content
Will suggest that your website is credible. This w ill also make readers want to check your site out.

Being linked on a website that only links few people
This will tell people that the website you’re on thinks you’re credible.

If possible, being backlinked on a .gov or .edu
Websites that are .gov or .edu are  certified web pages. Google gives them more authority and if you  have similar content and are linked to those sites, it will result in you getting better authority. 

If you are posting great content that people want to read, then you are on the right track to better backlinking. If you write great content then you will have more people sharing your content and therefore generating better backlinks to your site.

Some of the best places to post your content:

Participate in forums related to your website this will  build trust from your intended audience. It will also give you an opportunity to link to your webpage.

Submit articles to websites that offer guest blogging, this will gain authorship. Provide lings to articles you write on your own webpage that will interest people.

Press Releases
Press releases are great when you have something to share about your business. Something that will interest people and get them excited or curious about your business or website.

Blogging is a great way to generate backlinks. Link your blog to your website and start posting blogs related to your website, post funny pictures about your company. Get people interested in your blog, and gain a following.

If you use these techniques, you will gain great backlink building, which will result in better web trafficking, better keyword ranking, and more revenue for your business. 

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